The Cure Tour 2016 – Back At Last!

For the first time since 2008 one of Britain’s classic rock bands is coming back to American soil. The Cure tour 2016 will be visiting 22 cities in which they will perform 27 shows as of the time of this writing. It’s been close to a decade since they last came to North America, so if you would like to see this band play all their hits in person you definitely don’t want to miss this chance. Who knows when or if they will ever come back to a city nearby you?

The first concert that they will perform will be on 11 May down in New Orleans, and their final show is scheduled to happen at the bayfront Park amphitheater on 26 June in Florida. These are guaranteed to be very unique and exciting performances. If you take a look at the official website you’ll see that they plan to perform material that spans the entire 37 years that the band has been together.

Not only are you going to see all of the hits that they are famous for, there will be songs from deep inside their catalog as well as tracks that have never before been revealed to the public. They plan to open every single show with the twilight sad. If you’re interested in picking up tickets for one of their concerts they just went on sale a handful of days ago. Although there are some venues which have not been announced yet, a sizable portion of them have confirmed dates and venues. For example they’ve got a show on the roster for Seattle in Washington, which does not have a venue or a date. But people in Seattle can definitely expect a show to happen there. If you want to catch all of the latest updates to their concerts scheduled be sure to check back on our site often.

We always have all of the latest concert info. Any time they release a new date or put out the information on some of those as of yet unreleased and unscheduled arenas, we will be among the first to know and have seats available for your purchase. Over the next several weeks things should be fleshed out completely. Until then you will need to sit tight and just wait for updates from the band themselves.

They are using some interesting marketing techniques to gauge the interest in their live shows. Before they announced or put out the entire itinerary for the cure tour 2016 they started out by releasing just a few shows in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. They are going to be playing three dates in Los Angeles alone. These shows will be happening from May 22 two the 24th. Each of these shows is entirely sold out, so if you are in the LA area and looking to check out the show you better have good connections! As far as the Chicago concerts go you can catch them in that town on June 10 and June 11. If you’re planning to see them in New York City those dates are scheduled for the 18th, the 19th, and 20th June.

While the tickets are completely sold out, you can still get some seats from our website. Even when other places are a barren wasteland of ticketless sadness, we always come through for you with great seating for reasonable prices. This time around the band will include the main man Robert Smith of course, Simon Gallup on the bass, Jason Cooper behind the drums, Roger O Donald on the keyboard and finally Reeves Gabrels on guitar.

You won’t be able to get seats for the cure forever, they rarely make it over to the states to begin with so you should strike while you have the chance and pick up some tickets for this amazing classic rock band.